Monday, May 28, 2012



  1. Just an idea. Using this same technique, do an synth/electronic remix of an old REM tune (I think you know how to play most, if not all, of their songs;)
    Wolves, Lower could be an interesting one. You could do Lightin' Hopkins and use the moog and drum machines a lot. Just an idea.
    Dig the "Experiment".
    Hope you and the fam are well.

    1. Thanks! Good to hear from you. This online promotion stuff is tough. I'm off of Facebook. I might be forced to use it again so I can have an audience. The REM idea is something I'm definitely going to try.

  2. I will be starting a new project soon and will defintiely be hitting you up for some tracks. It's not a period doc, like the rest of my stuff. So, it opens up a whole new avenue for the music. I'll keep you up to date.

  3. Sounds great. Keep me posted. I need to get my name on anything film wise to get into scoring for picture. I've been submitting songs to placement services and had one used. If I can find the time to work on some more I'll up my odds of getting more work. See ya